Okay so I have most of my games functioning correctly. Software and hardware+sound. But I keep running into a problem with voices lagging whenever characters are talking in each game. One game in particular is Star Wars Battlefront 2. I was wondering what the best way to run this game would be? I would also like to know how to get rid of the slow motion voices. I also have a problem where it will lag whenever shooting a basket on NBA 2k games.
Computer is a toshiba satellite s55 t-b radius w/
12 gb of ram
intel i7 4510 running at 2.60 ghrtz
1 tb hard drive
direct x 9 and 11 compatible
64 bit os
windows touch screen with 10 touch points

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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread or category, I know some people on forums dont like that, sorry and thank you in advance to anyone that can help me out here.
What are fps/ee%/gs%/vu% during audio lags?
Please set your power plan to high performance
Fps will normally run at 60 on hardware and 35 or so on software. When shooting baskets goes from 60 to like 35 in hardware on nba

Voices will be in slow motion.
I will get the exact details later. Thanks so much.
It runs on Intel Mobile HD Graphics
If you see slowdowns (FPS < 60) the sound will get distorted.
What you can try is:
SPU2-X plugin settings -> Synchronization Mode -> Ansynch Mix instead of TimeStretch

But this will not always help. So you should try to remove the slowdown as much as possible.

Quote:What are fps/ee%/gs%/vu% during audio lags?

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