FPS Check
Can my specs run Shadow of the colossus/Shining Force EXA

AMD Dual core 2.6 ghz
2 GB ram
Nvidia GeForce

JUst wanna know

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For best result, Try that game with your self.
Notebook ASUS A43TA|CPU AMD Llano APU A6-3400m Triple core (1 core disable) OC to 2.6+Ghz|GPU CF|HD 6520 400Mhz/667Mhz iGPU|HD6650M OC 780Mhz/985Mhz dGPU|RAM 8GB DDR3 1333|Windows 7 Ultimate Sp.1 x64 bit.
>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
can you tell me your results?
he might not have the game, try it yourself first
q6600 OC @ 3.3Ghz, 4gb ddr2 ram, nvidia gtx 260, 2x 1 tb hard disk

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