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Hey, I'm rather new to this forum.Smile
i've been searching around, solutions did help a little, just not THAT great.

Game: Tales of the Abyss (yeah, i heard this is a heavy game..)

horrible 10-20/100%

Com specs:
Intel Core2Duo Penryn T8300, 2.40GHz
Intel GMA X3100
PCSX2 0.9.8

yeah, this is a lousy 1st gen macbook. Haven't tried overclocking, but I would leave it to the last resort since the macbook has heat problems..
hope you forumites can advise!Laugh

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You have 2 situations here.
Intel GMA X3100
That basically says you're GPU limited.
FPS/EE: ~30-40/90-100%
T8300, 2.40GHz
^that says you are also CPU limited.

Soo dividing the problem on two, to help with GPU limitation, you can try decreasing internal res in GSdx options, if it's set to "native" already, uncheck it, and type in some very low custom res like 400x400 or even smaller, you can also try turning on "allow 8 bit textures" or even turn off texture filtering. If you don't mind choppy animations, you could also try frameskip(under GS page in emulation settings).
The CPU limitation seems to be even higher for this game, but there are also more things to try. Other than turning on all recommended speedhacks and experimenting with those non-recommended ones, you can also try changing microVU to superVU under VU page of emulation settings which at times can give a bit fps. Setting EE/VU clamping to none could also give a bit.

If you try all that(or already did it) it's pretty much best you can get, you should just find different, easier to emulate games for such laptop.
haha, already did x(
hmm guess i'll make do with what i have.
thanks for the help though!Smile much appreciated.

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