FPS Stuttering Solved
Hey guys. Registered just to add a fix i have found. Been using PCSX2 for years, but recently picked up an Asus ROG gaming laptop that had specs which crushed my old desktop PC. To my annoyance, i had very significant FPS hitches playing FF X. (My old far less powerful box plays it like a champ)

I tried everything i could to resolve these very irritating hitches. I am sure someone else has had this same problem and its on the forums, but I couldnt find a resolution.

The hitching or "Micro stuttering" was caused by the very slow 5400 rpm hard drive in the laptop when loading some of the FF X cinematics or graphically intense summoning scenes. Once i loaded the FF X ISO onto a SSD drive, no more issues. It was consistant 60 FPS at max settings.

I think that people could use a RAM drive to accomplish the same.

Anyway, sorry if this is duplicate information, but i wanted to add it in. It has been a major headache to me for quite some time.

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