oh my 1 of my threads got cLosed.. anyway, what shaLL i do with the PCSX2 consoLe since my FPS is Low.. the graphics and sound are so sLow.. i'm new in using the forums, i hope i'm not vioLating any ruLes..

pLease heLp me..

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We don't help pirates, it's really that simple. You said "I got an ISO" guess what? We don't help with that kind of issue. You must have physical copies. I borrow games from friends, but I don't get ISOs, I get cDVDs and turn them into ISOs for speed, then erase them when I return the physical game.
^^^^^^^^^^^What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Also, your PC is to weak
Intel Core i7-8700k @5ghz
G.Skill 16GB DDR4 @3600mhz
GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
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it wasn't cLear in my previous thread but i am sure that the copy was authentic since my friend ripped it for me using an externaL cd reader/driver.. anyway, i'd just reLy on reading oLd threads then since peopLe here judges you without knowing the detaiLs..

thanks for the repLy though Smile
You really must own the disc that the ISO was made of.
From the legal standpoint, they are one in the same.

It's not a matter of whether or not the copy is authentic.
Please stop opening threads about a game you do not own.

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