FPS drop
iv just downloaded the pcse2 0.9.8
after looking at the setup threads i may of missed something or my computer may not be able to support the program.

when i open pcsx2 the frame rate starts at 50 and with in 3 seconds dropps to 1-2?

the first time i opend it i managed to get wwe allstars working upto the main menu but then had to go out so i turned the computer off, after returning to give it a go this is what started to happen.

my sysytem details are:

Windows XP pro 2002
AMD Athlon 7750 dual core
2.71GHz, 3.34GB of RAM
GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

If there are any other details needed to help please let me know.
Thanks everyone

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ok after playing around iv re-installed
an found that when it asks me to format my memory card thats when it seems to be slowing it down to 1-2 fps
so after re-installing and not formating memory card when it asks it plays much better still not great its now running at 25-30fps during videos and play, ahen im at the menu selection it runs at around 50fps so im blaming it on the game unless someone else has any ideas
MGS2 substance, a big no no
when opened it ran straight at 3-7 FPS at the menu, videos an start of game play
the only time it reached further then 10fps is when it was loading the beginning video up.

any hyelp would be great cheers
PCSX2 settings? plugin settings? what do the EE/GS% window say when you get slowdowns?

You have a very very slow graphics card, you'll have to tick the "Native" checkbox in GSdx and even then it may not be enough, you may actually want to try a (Software) renderer and you mgiht get better speeds.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
PCSX2 setteings are default GS pluggin is SSE2
iv had this chat in work bout my sytem an kind friend laughed at me an said "thats quiet poo"
iv ticked the "Native" button an that seem to give me 60fps right upto the game play in MGS2 then it drops to 8-10 fps at this point the EE is around 25% an the GS is around 88-95% the UI is 0-1% an state is 0
MGS2 is the main reason... Metal Gear games are system killers in the emulator. Couple that with your IGP (integrated graphics processor) and it's a recipe for poor results.

With that video card, the only hope you'll have of getting any PS2 games running full speed would be older 2d games like Disgaea.
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Beltin thank you

been a while since iv last updated my comp, gives me a good excuse now

Thanks very much

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