FPS issue
Hi everyone. First time here and first time user of Pcsx2.

I only have one game to test, Manhunt 2, but I'm having frame rate issues with it.

The loading screen is fine, hitting 60fps.

When i get to the memory loading screen, it skips onto the actual game. "Press Start", but the fps is around 8. Its horrible!!!

Im going to try another game later, but i was curious if anyone had any suggestions on configurations of Pcsx2 to help with the fps issue.

Im running a Mac Mini @ 2.4GHz with 4Gb ram (i know, lame) and I'm running OSX 10.8.5

Thanks in advance!!


PS: Im going to try the CE version to see if i have better luck…

UPDATE: CE seems to have resolved my issues. now to only get my Dual Shock 3 to work with it….

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