FPS issues with Dark Cloud
ive been having these fps drops with dark cloud. i could play the game flawlessly at 60fps with no drops but after about 10-15min it would drop to a constant 40fps.

my laptop specs:
i7 Q720 @ 1.6
4g RAM
DirectX 11
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5700

i dont know if this helps but when the fps drops the EE percentage will go up to 100% from 40%. can anyone please shed some light thx.

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I honestly would not know how you are getting full speed with a clock speed of 1.6Ghz on a 3D game, but did you make sure you are using a power plan like "Maximum Performance" in your power settings?
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I have everything...
yep tried that. i can increase the cpu to 2.8 so maybe thats how im gtting 60fps idk i really dont know lol. it only works for 10mins anyways XD.
Could be heat problem, try checking with an app like CoreTemp for temps and core clock speed when you get the slowdowns. Also try setting the power profile in windows control panel to "high performance".
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so ive downloaded the program and according to it all 4 cores are at 95C lol. is there a way to bring it down ?
OMG. I used to think only AMD CPU overheats. My friend's Pavilion laptop with an i3 is always ~45C. Mine is always around 75C on normal load, and even reach 86C when I play Twilight Princess or Resident Evil 5. I do not think i7 is so hot. The only way to bring it down is to disassemble you laptop case and clean the heat sink - perhaps it is full of dust and web now. The disassembling process is different from model to model, so it is not recommended for you to do it yourself. If you don't do it propertly, you may broke something.
Laptop + Turbo mode on CPU for too long = hurray I can bake on the top of my laptop keyboard. xD Adding some cooling pads or other inventions for laptops could help, ew. putting cpu to the fridge while playing, but turbo mode wasn't really made to be used for too long heh at least in laptops. ^_^

@Livy why do you think AMD cpu overheats?Ohmy Bad experience with older generations?(I guess all older cpu's were heating up alot.) Or that's just assumption for laptops? I had only intel cpu laptops, but my amd desktop goes to like 38C at max while playing while I have set fans to start speeding up around 45C soo it's rather quiet too, and if I get GPU off and play something on integra, I get like 10C less, with minimum record around 12C in idle with around 20C room temp.
The AMD Athlon 64 X2 (desktop) is the first AMD CPU that I know and its temp is 60C on idle time, while my desktop i3 530 is only 30C on idle state. My laptop Phenom II X4 temp on idle is 55C, and when full load for a long period, it reaches 86C Wacko.

I used to think AMD CPU is hotter than Intel's. But perhaps the more cores, the more heats, and the higher temp.

(07-13-2011, 05:07 PM)miseru99 Wrote: ...minimum record around 12C in idle with around 20C room temp.

What? Your CPU temp is even lower then environment temp? You must have used an air conditioner inside your computer case? Ha ha ha...
Athlon 64 x2 are in 90 and 65 nm while i3 is probably made in 32 nm it must be obviously much cooler^_^. But to compare my AII litography = 45NM and in the idle it's temp is still lower than 32NM i3 ^_^ althrough mine's undervolted soo maybe that counts too. Generally the lower litography, the lower power consumption the less heat cpu generates. Soo comparing old amd to new intel isn't really nice. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but your i3 530 has 2 logical cores yeah? Well the more cores, the more power it requires and soo the more heat it generates. Soo 2 core having 2x less temp isn't soo strange.
Althrough my CPU is normally an x3, and even with unlocked 4 core doesn't reach anything above 60C while amd stock coolers are much better natively for x4 than on x3, soo I dunno how that phenom goes soo high O.o, maybe the case has bad air circulation?

*facepalm* edit: your "phenom laptop"... oh well;P laptop and air circulation =_=... sorry didn't notice;D. I would undervolt that phenom II if I were you(get k10stat program or similar to do it from the windows) and for PC games even underclock a bit. Could be much cooler while still 4 cores at lower speed would be more than enough for most stuff.

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