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FPS problem with Zone of the Enders
ZoE is very gpu bound anything above 2x will hurt fps unless you have a very good gpu, so keep it at native or 2x for best performance...
(btw ZoE is a weakling compared to what ZoE2 throws at the emu even native is too stressful for most good GPU's Tongue2)

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Ok quick question, is first ZOE more cpu demanding than second? I've heard that second game is more "heavy" for emulator but for me second runs like a charm and I can't get fullspeed in first game.
Fixed First Zone of the Enders speed problem by disabling 8bit textures option, it was causing all the slowdowns
ZOE 2 is more demanding because there are a lot of things going on at once and it is technically more advanced than its predecessor. To avoid the stuttering issue during the boss fights, you'll need 3GB of vram on the gpu Wink

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