FPS with different games

I was wondering about different games and why would i get huge lags from them.

I have been playing FFX for a while now, and no lags at all, so i mean i had to make a fps limit to 65 so it wouldn't got to fast, so i have about 120% fps on going. Even if there comes FFX video time with their great graphics and still no lag.

So now i have been wanting to try some other PS2 games, such as Shadow of the Colossus & Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.
And in both games fps dropped more then 50%.
I can understand that shadow of the colossus would drop, but not that much, graphics are not impressive, but area is big and have pretty much of pixels, any way jak and daxter isn't impressive at all, and still fps drops.

So this whole meaning of my stupid thread is that question about, is it possible to do something that i could change in pcsx2 so my fps wouldn't drop in jak and daxter at least.

If not, well that sucks, but if there is a way and you know it, you are genius

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hmm lemme look into my crystal ball.

no sorry, it won't give me your pc specs...
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Ah ofc, i should have give my pc specs xD

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FFX Video Time, I love that, makes me all warm inside Laugh.

Go to speedhacks, enable stuff, mess around, see what happens.
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Some games are simply harder to emulate... Either using more resources, or being poorly optimized. FFX was an early PS2 game, and is one of the better optimized ones and therefore emulates easily. SotC on the other hand, pushed the PS2 beyond it's limits which is why it has a variable frame rate (versus nearly every other PS2 games static 30 or 60fps) and therefore requires a really powerful PC to run.
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