Fahrenheit game wont boot
hi: )

I couldn't get the game Fahrenheit to boot, it is the pal version I own

I couldn't see it on the compatibility list, could someone please add it or tell me how to get it working? thank you: )

Sempron 2ghz processor
2Gb ram
Ati mobility HD4200 128mb card
windows 7 64x OS
(and yes with the speed hacks most games run ok on my laptop: D)

p.s. have tried most settings already

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not sure sempron can handle SSE2, which is required to use pcsx2...
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(10-31-2009, 07:44 PM)jesalvein Wrote: not sure sempron can handle SSE2, which is required to use pcsx2...

seems to work ok, Okami is great, Dark Cloud 2 is good, jus a lil slow
Indigo Prophecy as the game was named in NA is not playable in 0.9.6 according to the compatibility list, you could try the latest beta but I wouldnt get my hopes up.

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thank you Smile, apologies for having missed the US naming and wasting your time

have tried the game in the latest svn, the beta and the release, still wont boot, never mind I fortunately have many other ps2 games to playSmile
its working fine for me, im using the .9.7 build,
with all hacks checked except for iop and mvu min/max
ee cyclerate at 2
vu cycle rate at 2

gsdx 3068 [sse4] dx10 hardware with native box checked.
spu2-x for audio with default settings.

im using a core2quad 3ghz so that could be it [the sse4]

anyway, hope it works for u

btw, im also playing fahrenheit and not indigo prophecy [as far as wich version]
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