Failed creating mastering voice 0X8889000A
Hey there, some strange happenings with my PCSX2. When I had first downloaded 0.9.8 off the site and tested it with my KH II disk, the sound was working perfectly with no issues with the SPU2-X plugin at all. Today I decided to try playing the game with my PS3 controller, which, with MotionInJoy, went off without a hitch. Except now, I'm getting this really strange warning at the beginning of starting the game,

Failed creating mastering voice 0X8889000A

And there is no sound output. Now, I have checked all the sound plugins that came with the SPU2-X and the only one that seems to have sound is the waveOut module (which, as you know, is notably laggy).

Could it be that the PS3 controller is interfering with the sound plugin at all? And if that's not the case, what's causing the sound problem? Thank you.

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no the PS3 controller is NOT the issue ( although i don't know what is it )

but since it was working delete the Inis folder in PCSX2 directory ( or Documents whatever you chose in the first Configuration wizard )

and reconfigure PCSX2 all over ( maybe you messed up with the Config ,,, Smile )
Didn't work, maybe just reinstalling it might? It's really strange, I don't see any other record for this error existing, anyone tell me what it might mean?
what audio backend are you using in spu2x?
(08-02-2012, 04:38 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: what audio backend are you using in spu2x?
Using the Catmull Rom for interpolation, and the XAudio 2 module for the output.
Mastering Voice refers to the function where xaudio2 starts mixing the audio in preparation for output, so it would appear your driver has locked up or does not properly support Xaudio2. This has been an unusually common problem with Cmedia devices, such as the Xonar sound cards.
And I'm guessing I'd have to get a whole new soundcard to get that to work, am I right?

Or would I be better suited to find a different plugin/module combo altogether?
You might just need to update the sound drivers.
Or try the Dsound backend.
I don't have the Dsound backend. Where can I find it???

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