Failed to create BIOS
Hi, everytime i try to use the CD/DVD null option and run the game i always get the message _cddvdOpenNVM: Error creating Bios/scph39001.NVM
and then psxe2 crashes im using the newest version btw

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also im trying to run Finally fantasy 10. is it even worth going through all this trouble or should i stick with my ps2? heres my sdpecs

intel core Duo at 1.66 GHZ - 1.67 GHZ
Ram, 2 gigs
and im not sure what gfx card is but it supports Direct X 10
To be honest your CPU is too weak for the emulation, so you should stick with PS2.
FFX might go ok, and i don't mean at 50+ fps, but maybe 20, that's playable for an RPG like FFX.

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