Failed to find.......
Hi all. pretty much i have my bios and the iso. but the problem is that i'm getting this message below. i dont know what it means.. so i'm looking for desperate help!

Zero GS: GS WARNING: Floating point render targets not supported, switching to 32 bit
ZeroGS: *******
ZeroGS: Failed to find ../../plugins/gs/zerogs/opengl/ps2hw.fx, try compiling a non-devbuild
ZeroGS: Disabling MRT depth writing

but where my ps2hw.fx is sitting at "plugins/zerogs/opengl/ps2hw.fx" with no "gs" in between puglins and zerogs

so what i did was create a gs folder in between puglins and zerogs

so this is what i get

ZeroGS: Cg error: CG ERROR : "The compile returned an error."
last listing: /Applications/pcsx2/bin/plugins/../plugins/gs/zerogs/opengl/ps2hw.fx(28) : error C0109: Can't open include file "ps2hw_ctx.fx"

and below with a whole bunch of the same response, but with additional titles of failed to load shader texturefog. stuff like that.

Help me please! i'm stuck!!

btw. i can run the pcsx2 really smooth through bootcamp.. don't know if that helps

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Made a directory with this gs in path (and put fx file here), or change path to fx file in sources and recompile. First choice is easiest.
i don't quite understand what you mean... but it seems to me i might be missing the ps2hw_ctx.fx file. is that correct? if it is. can you send me the file or tell me where i'm able to dl it?
i'll help Wink
(05-05-2009, 11:05 PM)Zeydlitz Wrote: Add the "gs" directory into the path (and put the fx file here), or change the path to the fx file in the sources and recompile. First choice is easiest.
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