Failed to init xAudio2 Engine
Heres the full message

XA2 may not be available on your system.
Ensure that you have the latest DirectX runtimes installed, or use
DirectX / Waveout drivers instead. Error details: (code:0x80040154)
Unknown Error Code!

In otherwords it used to work fine..but now i get this....
Any solutions? please and thank you!

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Well, I'd probably ensure that I have the latest DirectX installed if I were you.
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That and try changing the the output module to directsound in SPU2-X or try another sound plugin.

Not a bug report, moved.
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Don't worry.
Install this my friend, you're just missing it for some reason:
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Google "Failed to init XAudio2 engine pcsx2" and see where it will lead you.
To a dead thread.
But you're probably smart enough to avoid necroing it?
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