Fake PCSX2 'publisher' (and CXBX too) !!!
I was browsing Internet when I came by
the contents of which has just shocked me... Ohmy

I've downloaded this 'Emulator by Click-2U' and even visit their original site (http://www.click-2u.com) which appears to be 1 day site especially created for the purpose of deceiving unsuspecting users... but what for??!).
The package contained modified executable PCSX2 0.9.2 with pirated BIOS and without about box!! Angry

Why the **** (pardon me) have they done this? Is there any way to stop this fraud?

I just thought that you must be aware of it.
Please check out http://wiki.pcsx2.net
Find your favorite game and correct its page. You may help others looking for that info!

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Had to remove your first link since it contains bios and stuff.
We messaged softpedia which had their 'release' and they took some action but did not completely remove it...I'm afraid all we can do is email the sites which host these illegal ripoffs to make them aware of what exactly they are and hope they take action against them
[Image: newsig.jpg]
people are ripping pcsx2 right and left, everyone wants the fame, no one wants to give the credit to anyone else. All we can do is as users and supporters of pcsex2 it report these frauds and hope things are done about them (just as bosit said)

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they don't even have themselves set up right lmao

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