Faster fps?
I currently have a GeForce 7100 and i was wondering if an ATI x1300 would be any better for running games like kingdom hearts 2 and Budokai Tenkaichi 3


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i think there is no improvement
in addition ATI hates GSdx
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ah balls lol thanks man Smile
@legens1010 : pcsx2 is more dependent to CPU rather than GPU this is first priority if you want to play games with pcsx2 emulation in good speed, but GPU which is already support at. least directx.10 and ps.4 will get an advantage (add more fps) in many games if you play pcsx2 emulation in OS Vista. so if your specs in not well enough (3ghz C2D with good GPU) you have to upgade your CPU first then buy good GPU.

7100GS to x1300 are still in directx.9.0c and ps.3/ps_2b then that is not worth to upgrade. Bandwith GPU and memory ram in pcsx2 emulation is more likely to help you to gain high res rather than add some fps so you will not notice a different fps in game example with 9600GT 512MB and 9800GTX 1GB unless you increase internal res more than GPU can handle (reach a limit).

@tallbender : that statement is need to be proven, which GPU? and which GAME? do not spread some rumors without evidence. perhaps you reffer to someone in the thread who get a problem with ATI Card example HD.4670 and FFXII game so you make jump conclution ATI card hate gsdx? if you want more to discuss, I invite you to in new thread to prove in which games ATI card already hates gsdx. for share to you I have some list of PS2 games in below :
- Sukoden V
- Soulcalibur II
- Wild Arms5
- Persona3FES
- Dawn of Mana
- Grandia Extreme
- Tekken5
- Grandia II
- Xenosaga eps.3
as far as i already tried those games, i didnt get some STRANGE FPS like EXTREME DROPS between FPS or FPS STAY AT 30FPS in all event in games, if i did not get FULL FPS, mostly because my specs is not enough to handle that games. my specs CPU AMD x2 5200+ @3.1Ghz, GPU ATI HD.3870 512Mb.
NOTE : Grandia Extreme game is working fine to me with very less flicker in movie and no flicker/almost no flicker at all ingame which in Nvidia Grapich card have bad flickers.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
the problem isn't that ATI hates Gsdx (since it doesn't), it's the ATI 4xxx gpu's that hate Gsdx (i've already seen it in all threads that the OP has a gpu from those series Smile)
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