Fatal Frame 1 and 2 - Can't open camera [fixed]
Hi all,

I am unable to open the camera view finder in Fatal Frame 1 and 2. Strangely, it works in Fatal Frame 3. I was able to before, but it seems that of the recent revisions (like 5000 or so+), it no longer allows me to. I press the viewfinder button, but nothing happens. Is anyone else getting this problem? If not, what version of PCSX2 are you using?

Many thanks~

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I found a solution! It only happens with Pokopom PSX Pad Plugin and not with Lilypad. I'm going to message KrossX to inform him of the bug.

If such a plugin was included in earlier version, it's not now. The bug report is unnecessary as it was probably removed for a reason.

Edit : PSX pad plugin..? No, that can't be right. Did you add this plugin to the plugins folder yourself?

Anyway, use Lilypad and ignore this "Pokopom" whatchamacallit. A bug report isn't called for as it's not a plugin PCSX2 developed or works with.
Never heard of pokomon pad plugin in pcsx2.. :l
Use lilypad..it works fine with that.
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I sent a message to the author of the plugin about it. I'd rather not use Lilypad since I find Pokopom simpler and easier to use.
I thought something was initially wrong with the emulator which is why I made this topic. Anyway, thanks, this topic is done with.
I also like Pokopom Smile, has a very nice vibration curve compared to other plugins feels almost like the real deal, I also like how it lights up the srolllock led on the keyboard to inform of the analog mode Tongue2

devina40 have you tried both analog and digital mode in Pokopom ? (scroll lock toggles it or you can set in the gui)
FYU, use GSDX software mode in Fatal Frame 1 to avoid the camera focus bug.
Analog/Digital mode doesn't make a difference. KrossX said he would look for a fix which would be very nice. I hope that this isn't just my emulator.

I also know of the camera focus bug (kind of annoying), but this isn't it.
I think it's weird that this is affecting both Fatal Frame 1 and 2, but not 3.
Maybe it's some kind of similar engine problem?
My apologies for dragging an external issue into the forum.

I think it should be fixed now. The game just seems to have some small threshold on the pressure values that my fake pressure method didn't pass, since it started slow. I suppose a real button would indeed have some pressure numbers before being registered as pressed.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
As of r29, it works! Thanks so much KrossX! You're the man. Biggrin

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