Fatal Frame 1 graphic glitches
I keep having this issue on hardware mode where sometimes when I take a photo, the image of the photo stays overlayed over certain cutscenes and appears where transparent textures should be and sometimes the recently taken image appears for a split second after bringing up the viewfinder. here's some example photos:


I suspect this is some sort of texture caching issue but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else online so I'm guessing this means the fix is really simply or really complex. here are my settings.


does anyone know how to fix this?

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i have the same issue and also the image looks blurry
(10-24-2020, 02:57 AM)aaguilar88 Wrote: i have the same issue and also the image looks blurry

the image is blurry because of of a postprocessing effect that is in the game that doesn't look good at upscaled resolutions. to disable it, you need to edit the widescreen patch.

that doesn't explain the problem I'm having.
Windows 7 sometimes makes problems with PCSX2, but, did you try game on default settings?

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