Fatal Frame 2 and 3
I did a search for these topics and got that they aren't working mostly due to FMV's. Also, the compatability guide almost said as much, so I understand that perfectly.

First question is, if it's a problem with FMV's, could there be a patch or hack made to auto skip FMV's? Playing the game without FMV's is better than not playing it at all.

Second question; is anything being done about the lack of emulation for these two games? I mean no disrespect and greatly appreciate all efforts made towards the goal of PS2 emulation, so please don't think me greedy or impolite. I also know it's not approved of (nor my business) to really ask 'when new updates' are coming out or things like that which is perfectly understandable. Simply put, are there still efforts being made to emulate these games or have they been pretty much skipped?

Thanks all for everything.

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There are still a lot of little PS2 parts either partially or not at all emulated... that said, there are new SVN updates every day to the emulator.

Now whether these games are being specifically targeted for fixes? Only a developer could tell you that for sure. As far as I know though, there are no games being intentionally ignored either... So fixes will likely come eventually as more parts are emulated and emulated more correctly.
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It's not the videos that are the problem, it's something quite more fundamental and harder to fix. To get these games to work a certain rewrite of a whole emulated part of the ps2 must be done, which can and will take a while to finish.
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