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Fatal Frame 2 finally playble?
In emuforums I've been told that the game is finally reach playble status,
but I have yet to know which version{PAL or NTSC} but I know that it was the r2638 build,can someone confirm this?
I already tried the NTSC version on r2645{maybe I should use r2638?},didn't work,but didn't tried yet the PAL version.

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I will just ask this-is both NTSC and PAL version works now?
I won't ask for the beta builds,cuz I already know where to get them,and I Know there is no support for them here.
According to this:
The NTSC version works but not the JAP. Doing some research of your own helps you know.
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ok,manage to run it now,working great! Good Job guys!
Does anyone else encountered a memorycard support bug in FF2? It loops @ settigs saving process.

PCSX2 r2650, GSdx r2649, SPU2-X r2646, no speedhacks, gamefix enabled.
No works perfectly. There is no Fatal Frame 2 game fix.
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I know some users encountered the same issue but they got it fixed by disabling "IOP x2" hack which I has turned off (all hacks here turned off). That's why I asked if anyone else has similar issue with disabled hacks.
I can run NTSC-J version of Fatal Frame 2 if I set in game options sound to mono but then there is no sound in game, except cutscenes, othervise it still gives me black screen after title screen

PCSX2 r2661, GSdx r2693, SPU2-X r2693
The NTSC-J version's sound engine is different, and to be frank I can't see how it could ever work in the first place.

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