Fatal Frame 2 in-game time and date 8h difference
Hello people i got a quick question. Playing Fatal Frame 2 here and i noticed that my in-game time and date is 8h apart from the real world date/time.
Even though i set the ps2 bios date and time correctly. 
Also i believe this relfects all games that show "real world" time and date in the menus...
I'll snap a pic of the in game menu with my phone as an attach...
taken today december 13th 11:08pm... (Serbia here GMT+1)
Game shows dec 14th 7am...
Is there anything i can do to fix it? 
It may be a minor detail but since the emulator is almost perfect (well done guys) i wonder if this is fixable? Smile Thank you in advance...

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What if you perform a full boot instead of fast boot ?
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(12-14-2018, 12:52 AM)jesalvein Wrote: What if you perform a full boot instead of fast boot ?

Besides that i even tried setting the clock 8h in the past to neutralize the time skip, no change and no results,  
Whatever i do with the ps2 bios clock the time in games seems to be fixed 8h forward compared to real world time.
I note, this only happens with games that have a clock with time and date in their menus somewhere shown. 
Both the bios and the memory card saves show proper time and date.
It could just be how the game handles the time. Does this also happen on a physical PS2? I can at least confirm that 8 hours of all things makes sense, if you're on GMT+1. Japan's timezone is GMT+9, so if the game is being lazy with timezone handling or something, that'd explain why of all things it's 8 hours.

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