Fatal Frame 3 game start broken since between r4140 and r4155 and all next revs
As topic name says r4140 maybe be the last revision that allows to start fatal frame 3. i can't find any other builds to test between r4140 and r4155.
so how it not works:
start fatal frame 3, choose new game, then choose normal or easy game play, then after now loading message and few seconds of black screen the movie must play.
in r4140 it play normally after few seconds of black screen (fps 10 - 15)
in r4155 after sometime of black screen (fps 10 - 15) fps goes to 40 - 50 and nothing happens at all. the screen just stays black forever and disc stops reading at all.

i am using:
ntsc version.
peops sound

tried software mode, don't work to.
it broken in all latest revs too.
it were fixed and broken many times before r4140, but looks like this time it broken completely

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Works fine here with r4483.

If anything try with SPU2-X instead of P.E.Op.s sound plugin.
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whoops, i didn't noticed that my r4140 have spu2-x for sound enabled.
when i changed peops to spu2-x in r4155 it started to work too... never though sound plug-in can cause hangs like that Tongue
then this topic about error in peops plug-in Laugh
Well... r4140 shouldn't even come with P.E.Op.S anyway and it's an outdated plugin so ehr yeah should have been a clue Tongue2
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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