Fatal Frame 3 white screen OpenGL

I'm not making a bug report about this since I don't yet know if it is due to settings. Either way, I was playing Project Zero 3 (PAL) just fine on OpenGL. Then when I started it up the other day, whenever 3D scenes show up the screen just turns white and the framerate plummets. I tried fiddling with accuracy etc, but nothing seems to work.

It's so strange...

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you need to post settings, pc spec etc etc
Well I didn't post my PC specs because this issue manifested itself thanks to a switch of PCSX2 versions, while my hardware stayed the same. If you must know:
GTX 970
i7 4770k
8 GB RAm etc etc.

What settings do you want know? As I said I already tried out a lot and as far as I could see they didn't make a difference. I've honestly tried changing all settings while on OpenGL and the only fix was switching to DX (wich has problems of it's own).

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