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Fatal Frame II audio stuttering
I can look into this issue cause I fixed some weird speech audio years ago (2016) in both Fatal Frame 2 and 3. Didn't have this problem in old versions, but these ran poorly on my laptop... Couldn't find solution on web so spent hours trying. I did some file mixing from different pcsx2 versions. Now I don't know which specific. Worked perfectly though.

Will try to find solution again... eh

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Basically adding w32pthreads.v3 / w32pthreads.v4 dll files from older pcsx2 like 0.9.8 (for example) to pcsx 1.4.0 folder enables option to select old audio plugins. Audio plugins from pcsx 0.9.8 or 1.0.0 doesn't have any speech issues. Hope this helps someone in future (:

Tested: pcsx1.4 + r4600 audio & w32pthreads.dlls from pcsx0.9.8 / dx9 hardware 2x native renderer. Works fine (:

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