I was playing FF But as soon as I get to THIRD NIGHT: CALAMITY where multiple ghosts attack you at once, the sound and video just lags pretty bad, any suggested settings ?

I could reach Third Night with using these settings :

PCSX2 Aug 14 Release
Preset : Aggressive
DirectX 11 Hardware Mode

specs :
Intel i3 @ 3.0 GHZ
Ram : 4 GB, GDDR3
Radeon 5770 HD 1 GB

so I just want to finish this off, and start FF2. Plz help. and this is the one and only game on pcsx2 which is now lagging for me.

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What do the EE% and GS% read when the game gets slow?
Have you tried Speedhacks and a lower internal resolution (i.e. Native)?
well native res helped a bit , say 50% but as I said I've super aggressive preset on so no go for speedhacks they are already on full. and I don't know how to read EE and GS.
Native res helped?
Then you're probably bottlenecked by your GPU.
The EE% and GS% appear in the titlebar of the game window.
If one tops-out when slow-down occurs, there's a fair chance it's pointing you to your bottleneck.
(EE = CPU, GS = GPU)

Try enabling "Allow 8-bit textures" in the video settings.
Or maybe try a Software renderer.
woww, u the man 8 bit texture option (maybe with native) helped, now it's super smooth,
EE = 45-50
GS =30-35

Bundle of thanks

it's kinda offtopic but if u could provide best settings for Tekken 5 ?
Speedhacks 'n stuff. Tongue

No really-- try the [Recommended] hacks and the VU slider at 1 or 2. Try the MTVU hack, or superVU for VU1 (if MTVU doesn't help).

For Tekken 5, make sure you use native internal res, or enter a custom res with the X axis no higher than (I think) ~1200 to avoid the black lines.
aweeeesome, Thanks

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