Fatal Frame - Tecmo's troublesome analog stick layout...
After spending a few hours searching the forums, I'm sure that there is currently no answer for this issue.

Fatal Frame (1) has a truly bizarre analog stick setup.
While navigating the mansion, you'll use the Left Analog Stick to move your character, and the Right Analog Stick to aim your flashlight.
Very standard, most games will use a similar setup. However....
When you pull out (tap Circle by default) your camera in order to fight the ghosts attempting to harm you, the Left Analog Stick becomes the camera aim, and the Right Analog Stick moves your character instead.

Fatal Frame 2 and 3, allow you to choose which Analog Stick setup you'd like use.
But not Fatal Frame (1); you're absolutely stuck with this awful setup.
Even with muscle memory, the constant stick function swamping depending if you're moving in 3rd or 1st person (camera mode) gets old really fast.

Using PS2 Controller Remapper 1.20 to invert the sticks (or simply remapping the buttons just for this one game though PCSX2 Controllers menu) will not provide a "fix" for the issue, as that would mean moving the character outside of combat will be assigned to right stick, and having to hold Square to run while moving with the right stick is equally miserable.

So I'd appreciate any clues to a possible PNACH fix (read: a cheat file\code that forceful swaps the function of the 2 analogs during camera mode), or help me with this issue.
Or maybe a lead me in the right directing to find\create a fix. I'm currently clueless on how to get this sorted, in order to properly enjoy this game, and have no idea how I can use Cheat Engine to figure out something this complicated.

Basically, the analog sticks should invert their function ONLY while the Camera Obscura is up\in use; so that the left stick remains the one that is controlling your character movement at all times.

I've had a similar issue with Wind Waker before. Fortunately I was able to find Action Replay codes for that one here ( http://www.gc-forever.com/forums/viewtop...3&start=24 ) and finally gave it a good chance.

A fix for this will obviously make Fatal Frame (1) much more approachable for anyone willing to give it a spin in the future too obviously.

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