Fatal frame 1 issue....people who played awnser
only people who played fatal frame 1 should respond cause im having issue

i was playing and i dont get the blue circle to take pictures 3/4s of the time
i miss ALOT of pictures and that doesnt help me esspiclly cause i need the points can someone help?

i will show video if people want 2

(live stream accually cause its easier to show)

if you want to see let me no im staying on this site for a while

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I'm new, but i had your issue back when+^_^+ every 6-7 times i played it on my PlayStation, it would fail to load that same circle. i think i just had a bad disc (rental)+^_^+ anyway, thanks for the flashback of days before online gaming and version patches on consoles!! My suggestion? maybe you have a bad disc/ .ISO, load a different copy? i never played any fatal frame games on this emulator...
Taking photos doesnt work so well with gsdx in hardware mode, you will need to play the game in software mode for the picture taking to work.
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Use DX9 Hardware mode or a Software renderer
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