Fate; Unlimited Codes start screen
Hey; I was wondering if anyone else had this problem when trying to start up Fate: Unlimited Codes. The problem is that a blue screen comes up with lots of 'moon runes'. From what I can work out is that it is asking me of something regarding saving and loading future saved files and given that with my limited knowledge in Japanese the reponses I can only give is a yes/no. Yet clicking each one of these options does nothing apart from showing quickly a screen with a sentence on then returning to the yes/no screen. So I was wondering if anyone has had this problem or knows how to solve it.

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run the bios and go format the memory cards if u have never done that before. if your memory cards already have files inside dont do it! from what i can see is a problem with the memory cards probably! but for sure not the emulators problem!
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I have formated the Memory cards already; it was the first thing I came to do when trying to find a fix. Any other suggestions would be cool. I found this thread were someone was having the same problem as me. The other poster in that thread posted a link to another thread which may hold the answer to this yet for some reason I cannot acess that thread. (http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Fate-Unli...codes-Help)
I pieced together what it says on the screen which flashes, hopefully this will provide more insight for the people who can read it or just make sense of it. メモリ-カ-ド差込ロ1をチエツクしています。 (note, when run through a translator it provides an illegible translation).
Ah, it was just a lack of understanding. Turns out you just had to press cancel (circle).
You obviously haven't played many Japanese games. Circle is accept and X is cancel. Don't ask why.
So yeah. You've been pressing cancel this whole time. Tongue
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