Fate Unlimited codes Help
I have configured the PCSx2 and also have the iso format of the game.
upon running the game I get the starting screen with 2 options on the bottom. On clicking any of the buttons, the screen temp flashes an new screen and then it comes back to the same previous one.
and I am not able to enter the game proper.

Fps varies widely from 23 to 56 , any tips on how to stabilize this?
Since I am new to this emulator I have not yet tried all the hacks (but for that atleast the game has to start)

since the game is in Japanese can any one help me how to get past the screen into the actual game.I also doubt that It may be an incompatibility prob

other query is about the BIOS- If the bios is not working will the opening screen still show? How do we know that the bios is the correct one for the particular game

Please help

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If you searched you would have found this,which probably is your 'problem':

And about your bios concerns,you should have already read the guide (BIOS section):
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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