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[Feature Request] Automatic Updates
Hi There, Just thought this would be the best place to post a Feature Request To The Developers, as the title says, auto updates would make things a hell of a lot easier, after all the builds are already hosted on the pcsx2 website so it wouldn't take much work to incorporate a feature that auto downloads the latest builds, any one agree with me?

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The issue is sometimes we update the specs on the plugin and it breaks the plugins, so if you had an auto update on, its possible it could break the emulator for you (especially if you're using non standard version of say gsdx) then we get people whining on here that it doesnt work anymore ;p

also some games work better in older versions than newer ones, so they won't want to update.
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yeah i thought of those problems too but The Feature could be toggled on and off and only known stable builds should be set for auto downloading, what do you think? the settings and configs could carry over to the updated build so you wouldn't have to keep configuring it.
The "stable" builds come so rarely that it would be a mostly unused feature...
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well maybe you could press a "check for updates" button which will return a list of the most current builds and you can pick a build to download, it would still be a lot easier than going to the website, downloading a build, and copying your old mem card files to the new build.
I'm against the feature as you describe it. Automatic downloading and installing of yet to be determined versions means
we need to code an update system that can cope with configuration changes.
Also we'd have to deal with user account controls (it took Mozilla 12 Firefox versions to get that right Wink ).

It's much better to simply have an update check and refer the user to a download site if a newer version was found.
But even that is a hassle for small gain.
(05-09-2012, 11:06 AM)kevdl95 Wrote: auto updates would make things a hell of a lot easier
And how exactly?
Is it so hard or time consuming to go to certain site,download certain archive and extract his contents onto the same folder where pcsx2 is by overwriting the old files.

The only problem will be that you will have duplicated files the way the builds are uploaded now.

Every time I update(which I rarely do),I delete all of the plugins I don't use and those that end with r-???(and pcsx2-r???)and then just place everything into the pcsx2 folder(simple .bat file can deal with that for a second...actually I haven't thought of that till now Tongue2 )
hmmmm.... i never thought about UAC issues (i turn the thing off straight away as i hate it)

and i dont update as much as i like to mainly because it gets annoying having to delete old plugin files and exes and stuff so an update feature would make things simpler, also if this kind of thing is so useless then why does lots of software have this feature? (google chrome, opera, mixcraft, ect)
In pcsx2 case,you don't need to delete anything when you want to update from one pcsx2 rev to another...just overwrite.

Big differences that may require complete uninstall are mainly when new official version is released but if you use pcsx2 as portable,just deleting the inis folder files will revert pcsx2 and the plugins to the way it is when you start it for the first time.
strange... the last time i updated i just tried to overwrite everything and it ended up copying 2 blank mem card files over erasing my good ones so i lost all my save data...

i your opinion, do you think it would be hard to code this kind of feature? i posted here cause i thought it sounded simple to implement but after all these replies i guess i was wrong.
i have a little C++ experience so i might have a crack at it for fun Smile (Ive never done anything to do with networking though so I'm not sure how to return a list of builds from your servers... this could take a while...)

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