[Feature Request] USB Interface/DTS
What is the precise reason for those features not being present/worked on? Too few games taking advantage of it, too few people wanting this? Or is it too advanced to be done?
I have no clue in how hard it is to code for PCSX2, though i know how different the PS2 is from X86/64.

With USB Interface i mean the Mics for singstar games and the like, and Eye Toy. I have some custom drivers for the eye toy somewhere if that can be of any help. (have an eyetoy myself when i bought eyetoy play).
With support for those games that require a mic added, PCSX2 would near 100% in playable games, looking at the unplayable list it seems most are singstar type of games.
PCSX2 will eventually live on longer then the real PS2, covering as many titles as possible seems nice.

I dont think DTS will be supported, but im asking anyway, theres many mods out there to get Vice City on the PC like the PS2 version, theres reason for that, the PS2 version was just better. Its possible to get it like PS2, but not sound wise. Anyways, theres a couple games taking advantage of DTS/DD5.1. Is this hard to implement to SPUX2?
There sure isnt a need for optical out to get DTS, theres discrete, although most onboard soundcards have SPDIF/optical out.

The mentioned features would make PCSX2 much more like the real PS2/not missing so much devices to the games.

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