Feature Request for video plugins: color correction
I've noticed that many home console emulators look dark on PC monitors when compared with how they look on a TV (even when output from a computer). I believe this is because of the different color profiles of most monitors from most TVs.

PC monitors tend to hover in the sRGB color space and TVs tend to hover in the NTSC color space. Why this is relevant to console emulation is that most content for home consoles was intended for the much wider color gamut of NTSC displays, which means they look duller, and a bit darker on sRGB monitors.

I would guess adding full color correction would probably be difficult (unless there is some Direct3D API to set the content as NTSC, and let windows take care of it - I have no idea) - though it would enable users of high gamut monitors to see the correct color ranges too. Adjusting it from NTSC to sRGB with a post processor filter should be doable, providing you can find the math from somewhere - I'm not aware of any emulator that does this step. I did find this (don't know how helpful it is): http://www.mathworks.com/access/helpdesk...20792.html

Great work on the video plugins, and all the work on PCSX2. It's much appreciated. :-)

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Many monitors come with a color enhancing logic these days.
Nvidia drivers also support this feature (called color correction here).
You could just crank this setting up for a similar effect.
I thought it's called 'color vibrance' or something...?
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It's true, I could do it that way, it's just so subjective. But then I suppose a simple hack to convert from NTSC to sRGB is pretty arbitrary.

Proper color correction would be nice. But I'm sure there are other priorities. :-)

Thanks for the replies.

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