Feature request - Menu compatible with Controller
Hello All,
This question is specifically for the developers. I wanted to know if I could make a feature request. A few other users and myself would be willing to donate to get something similar to menus made in Unity3d. It would make PCSX2 easy to setup and use.  I was thinking that when it is installed folders would be setup already and all an end user has to do is drop bios, game backups, etc into their respective folders and set the application to start automatically when the computer boots into windows, it will give a media center pc feel to the experience. 

[Image: game-menu.gif]

I was thinking that the menu could be something like this.

Start ISO
Boot Selection
 - Boot from Disc
 - Boot from ISO

 - Controller Setting
 - Video Settings
 - Memory Cards
 - Plugin Selector
 - Bios Settings



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I don't think the pcsx2 programmers will agree, is there any problem with the current menu ?
It isn't outside of reason if someone really wants to do it, in the mean time have you tried a front end like steam or launch box?

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