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I wasn't too sure where to put this as there is no Suggestions forum so I figured this forum would do fine. I have a small suggestion that I think would make it easier to post your settings and get help with pcsx2 problems. Instead of manually typing them in or screenshotting them, would it be possible to have an "Export Settings" option that would allow a person to dump information about plugins, CPU config, speedhacks, etc. into an easy-to-understand .txt file that would then be copied and pasted in a post?

Some of the pluses to this feature would be
1. Streamline bug reports
2. Standard format for settings
3. Easier to post settings

Any way to implement this, devs?

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actually, the settings are really easy. just copy the files in the inis folder, all the config is in there
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That isn't really laid out in an easy to read format, though.

A feature like this could be pretty nice, but if it's something that takes longer than like five minutes to code, I say it's not really worth the trouble at this point.
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well, it would probably be easier to just to make pcsx2 put out all this info in the console window at startup, so that it is included in the emulog.txt. perhaps shortened to something like "speed hacks: 20000113" for "ee sync hack" on 2x (0=1x, 1=1.5x, 2=2x), none of the ee misc hacks, both microvu hacks enabled (disabled 0, enabled 1) and "vu cycle stealing" set to large speed up (0=none, 1=slight, 2=moderate, 3=large, 4=very large).
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That's convenient for people post their configuration of PCSX2 on forum.

However, it'd be human readable, like people wrote down their PCSX2 config.

Reside at Misc in emu menu is suitable, I guess.
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This is the closest I've seen to what you're talking about:

But something like this is very low priority as you understand,while we still have tons of more important stuff on the to-do list
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How difficult a task would something like that be for someone who hasn't really coded anything before? If it's not all that complex, I might take a stab at it.
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Asumming you can get access to the data it should be just a bunch of print statements redirected to an external file I would think.
You're much better off just parsing the existing INI's and outputing a nicer format. I don't think something like this would require a modification to the pcsx2 executable, it could be a stand-alone exe.

All the information is already stored in the ini folder, all you need to do is dive in and make it pretty. Not necessarily an easy task to figure out what it all means (take a look to see what I'm talking about) but it can be done by someone new to programming.

Get line of some INI, store in 'temp'

If the 'temp' begins with '['
Switch on 'temp'

case "[CPU]"
branch off to the code handling everything under [CPU]

case "[Framelimiter]"
branch off to the code handling everything under [Framelimiter]


Loop back to start until end of file.
This is the naive way to do it, but it'll get the job done. Don't bother with anything fancy, you're not going to notice it anyway.
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I'll give it a try. It'd make me feel good to know I'm helping people out Smile

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