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Hi there,

I saw some threads about Namco System 246 support on Pcsx2 but so far I did not read any official statement from the dev team. Maybe I missed something and it's already working ? In that case, if anyone knows how to make it work, I would be please if you can give me support on this or a ressource explaining how to make it work (given the fact I already own a dumped bios and security token of course).

If it is not implemented yet, I would be please to get the dev team's point of view regarding this feature. Back to 2014, it seams people succeed to boot the emulator with dumped bios, dongle and roms but were stuck because of the unsupported format of the dongle (which is a memory card) by Pcsx2. I know a lot of people who would pay to get System 246 support in Pcsx2 ! 

Thanks for your feedback.

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