Few Basic Questions
ok hey im new to pcsx2 and i have a couple questions.

1) how can i use my ps2 disc to play it on pc? like how to i converte it into a file i can use with pcsx2

2)how can i get the bios files out of my ps2? ;p btw i have one of those small flat ones can i still do it?

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I'm new to this as well so my answers might not be "THE ANSWER", but i'll tell you watever has been working gr8 for me

1) Configure Cdvdrom using P.E.Ops which is bundled with the 94 official release, select the interface according to ur system and it would ask you to assign ur DVD-rom (virtual ones are not OK), then you should be good to go

2) Get the Bios Dumping tool --http://www.pcsx2.net/downloads.php?p=tool --
and go through this very detailed tutorial --http://forums.ngemu.com/pcsx2-forum/83608-rfs-guide-dumping-your-ps2-bios-over-lan.html--

*everything answered here are extracted from "THE GUIDE" --http://www.pcsx2.net/guide.php#Bios---

good luck & have fun ^_^
wow thanks alot! helps!

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