Few Questions regarding PCSX2 Emulating!
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Hello first of all Many thanks to the creators of this awesome emulator. I've been following it's progress from 2005 and must say great progress has been made this past years.
Now the questions.

1. Shadow of Colossus is playable but is there any way to fix the shadow issue with the main characters.

2. Metal Gear Solid 3 is barely playable. I own some NTSC version from the MGS Essentials version and the sound is sooo slow. The conversations over the codec are excelent but ingame sound is simply awful slow laggy etc...

3. On Final Fantasy XII im receiving some huge framerate variations while playing ingame it goes from 50 to 30...also after entering the castle in the very beginning characters appeared all black without any textures on them. What should i change from the settings.

4. Any other PS2 exclusives that works without problem on this emulator. I'm willing to purchase Zone of Enders...

My Optimal Settings for All Games


GSDX DirectX10 (Hardware)
Internal Res: 1000:1000


P.EOp.S SPU2 Plugin
No reverb
No Interpolation

CD/DVD drive:

Linuz ISO CDVD 0.9.0

CPU Config:

- EERec
- VU0rec
- Vu1rec
- microVU0
- microVU1
All Enabled

Speed Hacks

UseX2 Cycle Rate - Enabled
Emotion Engine EEE) Misc Hacks - All Enabled
Status Flag Hack(microVU only)- Enabled
VU Cycle Stealing - scroll bar on middle

Advanced Options:

- EE Recs Options
Round - Nearest
Clamp - None
Flush, Denormals - Enabled
- VU Recs Options
Round - Nearest
Clamp - None
Flush, Denormals - Enabled

System Configuration

AMD Phenom X3 8450 Overclocked to 2.42Ghz
2Gb DDR2 Ram 800Mhz Memory
Nvidia 9600GT 512mb. DDR3

Let me know if I'm making some mistakes with emulator configuration...I think so far this is the best setup for me for almost all games....

Ones again thanks and keep up enhancing this emulator.

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1) Use a software renderer in GSdx
2) Slow emulation makes slow sound, try using the beta and setting the "vu cycle stelaing" on it to the max this gets better speed.
3) Weird one, try disabling microVU set the advanced options to their defaults and trying an older GSdx as well as disabling speedhacks.
4) Plenty, check the screenshots/videos thread if you want to take a look at other games status.

Your CPU isnt exactly fast so it's normal to get low speed on some games.
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4. Only if you have some godlike CPU with more than 4ghz, on my Phenom 2 x2 550 @ 3817 i get 70-80% speed in first fight
Check my profile for hardware/software and games i played on PCSX2.
Thanks for the tips.

About MGS3, It's strange because the speed is quite decent around 45-55 during animations, ingame and more than 60 in menu but even when im in the menu the sound is the same...Laggy slow and it sounds so...deep, like from a barrel Tongue...I mean even if the sound was embeded with the animations and sinhronized with animation framerate which is a case in many games it'd still produce some better sound.
(10-21-2009, 01:12 PM)nataq01 Wrote: 4. Only if you have some godlike CPU with more than 4ghz, on my Phenom 2 x2 550 @ 3817 i get 70-80% speed in first fight

i get 100-140% playing FFXII, usually 100% with some slowdown to like 80% in the in game menu, but its definitely playable and I am on a laptop.

there was only the one section with the black characters, after you leave that area I didn't have that problem afterwards, but I was just optimizing the speed of the game for my friend to play.

I actually got no speed improvement on FFXII with the vu cycle stealing bar, so I left that off, and changed the advanced options to nearest, and extra + keep sign, and flush to zero and denormals are zero.

http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-10706.html is where I posted all my settings. I haven't tried the other games
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