Few noobs questions for developer...
i have a few question i would like to ask to the developer of this fantastic emu.
other members are also also welcome to answer it..

1. Why don't you guys merge your previous project with this one? *(referring to pcsx and pcsx2). it could be like a real PS2, which can play both.

2. (referring to above question) Does the team who develop pcsx differ than the team who develop pcsx2?

3. Are the DVD Movies now can be emulated by the bios? (i have tried with pscx2 0.9.6, it say to me "DVD Player not setup properly" or something like that)

4. How many percent does this emu have completed? is it far or already near to the real ps2?

5. Does zerofrog stop working on its plugin? (i google the name and found his page on sourceforge but no latest news about his plugins)

Thank you in advance...i am sorry if i have mistake in english and im sorry if i accidently make some of you guys upset or anything..

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1) You can't 'merge' the 2 projects like that,it is complex and will probably not happen. Maybe one day PCSX2 will be able to play PSX games,but it's a very very low priority (for obvious reasons)

2)The team that started the 2 projects is the same (linuzappz,shadow,florin etc),although all the old developers have long left from PCSX2 (although they are very welcome if they come back Smile )

3)No and they probably never will.

4)Can't say for sure,I'd say a good 90% although it has bugs all over the place Tongue

5) Zerofrog said he will come back to work on his ZeroGS plugin at least one day,didn't say when though.
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thank you very much for the answer..

I hope all success to all developer of this amazing emu and really hope that year 2010 will be the year that this emu can emulate almost all ps2 games.BiggrinCool

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