Fifa Street 1 very weird
Hi all I'm newbie and I need help
Today I got a original CD "Fifa Street 1" and i putted it into my PC and went into PCSX2 and clicked Boot CDVD (full) and it started very nice.I chosen the Teams and started the match,very strange thing was that teams logo wasn't showed up (example England didn't have their flag showed up),then I wen't into the game the floor had more colors like rainbow,players are not displayed,and it was going too slow.
Than I wen't to my friend to get a copy of "Fifa Street 1" and putted that copy into my PC but all was the same,at the main menu everything was fine except flags of teams and when I started the match it was same like with original CD.

If someone can help me,I would appreciated it.
Note:All other games that I run with PCSX2 are going fine.
Note2Wackoorry for my english because I'm from Croatia.

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enable 8-bit texture might fixes this
(07-27-2011, 10:31 PM)abdo123 Wrote: enable 8-bit texture might fixes this

I'm a noob about that configure soo where can I find 8-bit texturing

Edit: ok I found that option and enabled it it just helps a little floor is now black and players are little bit better is there anything else to do?
Sorry for Double Post I got it all working everything is showing up but its going too slow can you help me on that?
I had to change Graphic Plugin Settings to GSDX 3dDX10 (software) and it's going great but now it's too slow
#5 <---check this
use GSDX 3dDX10 hardware
use native resolution
enable speed hacks as much as you can ignore warnings

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