Fight Night Round 3

i have fight night 3 now working allready really good and fast with the latest pcsx playground svn 563 but i have these problems.

- on any gameplay-mode the cutman, round-girl or referee has missing textures
- on career mode the same, but this time any face has some weird stripes around it, doesn't care which player (own created or play a legend).

i have all hacks on on gsdx 0.1.13, except tv-out. It's just strange why for e.g. holyfield looks good on eg. "play now" but has stripes in the face if i play "career mode" ?!!

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o.k., i have tested now with "Software Rendering" in GSDX 0.1.13 and now i played career again and i saw that they use a head protection and without any texture bugs, but awful slow Sad So it's the gsdx plugin which is causing this.

Is there any special forum for the gsdx plugin or is this the right place?

I also tried to get Fight Night Round 3 running. It shows always FPS >40, but dont run smooth. Its lagging and looks like FPS <15 or something like that. Is my PC not good enough? E6400@3,050Ghz - 4GB DDR2 800 - Ati 4870 1GB - WinXP SP2

I downloaded 0.9.4 and copied the two 0.9.5 exes into the directory and start PCSX2 with the pcsx2svn377.exe

[Image:] [Image:]

Sorry for my english, its not my foreign language.Blush
(01-12-2009, 03:25 PM)johnsen303 Wrote: Is there any special forum for the gsdx plugin or is this the right place?
almost same specs but worser gfx-card. i do also have about 40-50 fps...could be faster, but it's o.k. for me. i am happy i can play it at all, though the texture-bugs with the warehouse ring, cutman, round girl and referee disturbs a bit. tried the latest gsdx 0.1.14 but still same problem.

try using gsdx-plugin instead zerogs and VU-Skip.

thx dude, i'll also post it there

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