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Fight Night Round 3
Whats your configuration for this game?
I have a mid-end gaming rig(I think) with these specs:
CPU: Core2duo e7500 2.96GHz
VC: Geforce GT 240 1gb DDR3

the problem is i only get fps from 27-39 in fight and 60 in some menus.. And it never seem to get better. when i check the CPU usage from windows sidebar it reaches up to 89%. is there any problem?
BTW these are my configurations:
[Image: pcsx2.jpg]
[Image: pcsx22.jpg]
[Image: pcsx23.jpg]
[Image: pcsx24.jpg]
[Image: pcsx25.jpg]
[Image: pcsx26.jpg]

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Your graphics card is not very good, (its even worse than mine ),and your cpu is a little weak specially for this heavy game,so you might want to overclock it to at least 3.7GHZ,but in this particular game case (wich i own) i can give you some tips:

-> Stay native and for this particular game try 8 bit textures it could work nicely
-> Use the EE cycle rate hack to the max,vu cycle stealing is just fine as it is
-> Super vu on both VU0 and VU1
-> Set both clamping modes to none
-> And as a last resort try in the game fixes the EE timing hack,dunno why but for me this hack gives me a speed up in many games and a visible one (from 5-10 fps),just try it,if it does give more fps then its fine but if its not worth it just disable it
thank you very much sir.. it reched up to 50 fps but its still not stable.. sometimes it just reaches 35+
umm,you can try some frameskipping,but it will not be so nice,but again if you want full speed go to the frameskipping window and put frames to draw (0) and frames to skip (1),then press shift+f4 during the game.Oh and btw why are you using directx 9? use dx10 its a lot better
how did you tell im using directx 9? i checked my directx in dxdiag and it says that i am using directx 10.. thanks for the helps tho sir.. i appreciate it.. your help really did a lot.. THANK YOU VERY MCH!!
thats ok i just like to help others, as for your question thats beacuse in the first image that you attached it says "direct3d9 hardware",simply click there and change it to directx 10 (in the gsdx plugin window) and im sure you will get even better fps
theres no directx10 only direct3d9 and null
You need Vista Service Pack 2 and after you install that, this update:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
what are the benefits for my pc and pcsx2 if i install this update sir? im just curious
Google it. It's good for your PC anyway.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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