Fight Night Round 3 - hardware/software
[Image: shamef.jpg]

PCSX2 version 0.9.7 (the process claims it's version 3876, the intaller claims it's version 3878).

GSDX 3693 0.1.16 - No idea if it's the latest version because whoever takes care of the plugin's thread, in a great display of professionality, not only deleted the link and provided no backup, but even removed what the latest version was before leaving a subtle insult. How professional and nice.

No difference between SSSE3 and SSE4.
No difference between texture filtering options or 8 bits textures.
No difference between patches enabled or not.
No hacks, cheats or special fixes enabled.
No difference between DirextX9 or 10.

Hardware mode presents the texture problems shown in the image, other than that it runs perfectly.
Software mode fixes the textures but the FPS drop is enormous and makes the game impossible to play (it's so bad it's impossible to hear what people say).

Other games run perfectly.

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Any time, no rush!
Well CPU handles textures better than GPU (at least what it's been made by plugin). I see no way than using software. Enable native.Use speedhacks. BTW You could tell which CPU you have Smile
Intel Quad Core Duo Extreme X9650.
In software mode put rendering threads on 3.

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