Fight Night round 3
Hi all !!
Pcsx2 is very impressive and you all are great !

I would like to ask some questions about fight night round 3...

Even if i saw this game is playable with 0.9.5 i can't get it to work..

The game is too slow or too fast, it has vertical stripes and often i got to restart my pc cause pressing ESC it doesn't return to desktop.

What is the best graphic plugins and griphic settings to play this game ?

I have a very good pc.....
Core 2duo 6600@ 3,4 ghz, 2 gb ram, nvidia 9800gx2, XP service pack 3

Please help Smile

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In particular, the game become really slow when in main menu....
No help ?
use pcsx2 playground 563 & vuskip - (max. 50/60 fps) with gsdx plugin. works good for me except some minor graphic glitches in some arenas.
If it's too fast, limit the fps, and too slow, use Vuskip as johnsen303 said, or use some speed hacks and tweak your settings; if you haven't already.
Need to overclock my computer o-o

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