FightBox [SLES 51390] works on v0.9.6
Finally got this little gem for testing (don't hesitate to spend the 4£ on eBay, it doesn't disappoint), and... black screen (obviously).
But I figured, sometimes games that were not broken get broken, so why not with this one ?

Edit: for some reason yesterday nothing worked except 0.8.1, and today everything before commit prafull mentioned works.
So latest built version is 0.9.6, and it works quite well. Nice.

And sure enough, after a lot of testing, PCSX2 0.8.1 (Windows) kind of works (at 2 fps or so).
It shows some glitchy intro graphics, checks and writes/loads the memory card, then goes into the menu but doesn't display anything except the background  (using GSsoft gives the best results, but GSdx software (float) also works).
Navigating in the first menu is possible but isn't displayed (just push X to go into a quick game).
After that you get the menu for choosing your warrior, you can save him to your memory card...
And you can play ! (at 2 fps still)
So compatibility for this goes to at least Ingame (using 0.8.1) Cool
Btw, no emulog as I wasn't able to copy it. But I attached some images.
I can run tests as needed and provide logs of current and old versions (as soon as I figure out how to copy them) if anyone is interested.

My PC specs
Windows 10 Pro x64
Intel i5-7300HQ @ 2.5 GHz
Nvidia GTX 1050

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Do you know that we are on v1.6.0
Or you mean that this game work only on 0.8.1
It used to work before this update-

So basically you can download any version before that and it will work.
Welp and I thought I was on to something. Not sure what happened when I was testing yesterday.

At least it works pretty well on 0.9.6 so far, thanks.

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