File not found Path:IsoFileSystem
I'll make this short and quick.

I've had PCSX2 work on my HP laptop, with every game working, but when I copied the games (.BIN) and use it on my Dell Octiplex 9010 computer, it says 'File not found Path:IsoFileSystem', I've been Googling for an hour and haven't found a solution.

These .BIN files do work on my laptop, but not on my computer.

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dunno how you copied them or how you are actually running them, but I suppose you'd better install imgburn on your Optiplex and re-dump your Games from DVD.
THis way, you'll get them in .iso format, which will be easier to launch with pcsx2
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I copied them using a flash drive.

And I gave away all my games to my brother. I'll see if I can buy one game and test it.
Since the size of ps2 dumps are pretty large, there is a high chance that they can become corrupted in copying. They may just be corrupted, but as op said, ISOs are better. So you might as well do that. Just borrow them back from your brother real quick and then give them back.
If that is somehow warez talk, I'm sorry. Please correct me if it is.
Making copies of games you do not possess is illegal, i would suggest buying your own copy or only temporarily having a copy of it whilst borrowing it from your brother.

If you do, recreate the ISO's with imgburn
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