"File not found. Path: isofilesystem" pcsx2 when trying to play a disc
I am using pcsx2 and whenever I try to play a ps2 disc it pops up this message
"File not found. Path: IsoFileSystem."

Please help I want to be able to use this emulator.

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The Mac port does not support running from a disc so make an iso image with a program and run that.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
see this thread for instructions of how to rip a ps2 disc to you mac as an ISO with no programs necessary. Just what is included with mac osx.

13" 2010 Mac Book Pro - Snow Leopard 10.6.7 - Pcsx2 Version: 0.9.6 (and praying on 0.9.7 to release)
2.4Ghz Intel Duo Core | NVIDIA 320M (256mb) | 4 Gigs 1067mhz DDR3 Ram


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