Final Fantasy 10 Questions
Yes, Yes I know I am new and I registered just to get some help here. I really hope some of you can help me, I'm not new to software and such but hardware is a totally diffrent game for me... and I know the basics so I should be fine there I guess. Anyway to the main point, I need help with FFX (It's an ISO im burning from my game now so I haven't even tried it yet) My old PS3 crapped out and I have a slim now so an Emu is all I have to play it. I need help with figureing out if my PC can run this.

My specs are:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Second gen i7 2.2 Ghz (Ive heard of Overclocking but never tried need more info)
AMD Radeon 6750 and a small intel 3000 for everyday stuff

Hopefully thats all you guys need to help me out, I mean im running the latest version of PCSX2 and I do have an alternate since I'm running Bootcamp I can run this on my Mac OSX side but I think the windows side is better, plugins etc. Anyway any help would be appreciated, and sorry I seem to be off my typing game today...

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Definitely stick with Windows for PCSX2.

Your laptop will run PCSX2 pretty well,
but it will certainly fall short with some of the heaviest games and/or scenes.

FFX is an example of a game that should run quite well, and with little effort.
If something happens to run slower,
consider using some Speedhacks,
and maybe lowering the internal resolution (in the GS plgin settings).

BTW - There's really no overclocking that processor.
Much appreciated man, just another quick question what would you mean by Heaviest games? I'm probably going to be playing most of my PS2 games... like FF10, FF12, SSX tricky and on tour, MGS, persona 3 and 4 and Kingdom hearts 2... well actually no cause I have the HD collection, mostly those two final fantasies and kingdom hearts 2

*MGS's HD collection my bad
So, what do you want to need to help after all? The game is not running? -- unlikely. The framerate is too low? -- impossible. Graphics glitches? -- cannot be. FFX is one of the most popular titles and it is very compatible in PCSX2.

Why do you not read the configuration guide and try to run the game yourself? Some settings you may need:
  • MTVU hack if you're using a recent SVN. Just to balance the CPU load. You may not need it.
  • Changing the EE/IOP Clamping Mode to 'Full'.
  • Changing the VUs Clamping Mode to 'Extra + Preserve Sign'.
  • Radeon 6750M? Increase the resolution to 4x Native. Happy

It is not a good idea to overclock a quad-core mobile processor. If you do so, put some bread under your laptop and enjoy baked bread after a few minutes playing. Tongue

P.S: Your CPU will struggle in MGS3.
I did read some of the configuration guide as I have used PCSX2 for a while now but I didnt think my comp could handle FFX really, I thought it was one of the more graphically challenging ones i guess, and I didnt wanna just add it without asking for some guidance as I only partitioned 150 Gb of my hard drive to the windows side of my comp as when i did it I never thought i would get this into playing my old games again... and yeah my comp runs hot alot so i have a chill mat, its gotta be the metal body or something cause sometimes its insane. Anyway what i was asking is if this laptop would be good enough to run it smoothly.

Also another random question, Ive been thinking of upgrading my GPU or RAM.
1. Do you think I need to? Im not a big gamer but i play like total war and stuff
2. What should i get, price isnt a problem, if im gonna upgrade i want one that wont be obsolete really soon.

Oh and any ideas on ways to cool down the comp while I'm playing? Its gets pretty toasty when the radeon kicks in.
Well, "heaviest games" can be a bit confusing,
because it's not necessarily fancy graphics that cause slowdown.

In all reality,
it's best to check the forums for an idea of what kind of system can run each game or what has troubles with speed.

I can tell you Final Fantasy games should run mostly well.
Kingdom Hearts games, as well.
I believe Persona games should run mostly well, too.

MGS games are some of the "heaviest".
I do believe SSX games where somewhat "heavier", too.
Don't know for sure on the SSX games, personally.

No real need for more RAM,
but upgrading it to 8GB wouldn't be too bad of an idea (and shouldn't cost much).

I see little point in upgrading that GPU,
if it's even possibe.

Yours is still pretty powerful, and very modern.
A newer and better GPU would be rather outlandish in cost.

Maybe see if you can undervolt your CPU and/or GPU some.
Otherwise-- maybe consider an inverted stand (w/fan) rather than the chill mat.
Well considering this is the latest and soon to be outdated (or so i think) Mac Book Pro I would hope to god its pretty set for atleast another couple years... And yeah I was thinking of adding more RAM mostly... I work at Office Depot (which they all hate me for having this comp) so I know I can get a nice stick relatively cheap... our cost for a 1 gb stick is like 13 bucks... But yeah I can change out most of the parts on this and its relativly simple or so I've heard so yeah Ill just try stuff, when I tried playing Persona 3 some of the bigger bosses cause a slow down... is that because of hardware or can it be cured with some settings tweaking?
The RAM is easy and cheap to upgrade, but the video card isn't. Replacing a laptop video card is very expensive, and it is not a easy process as well: the old video card is detached from the motherboard and the new one is soldered to the motherboard. Furthermore, laptop video cards are quite rare. You will have difficulty finding one.

Your current video card is of high end class. You don't need to upgrade it.
Thanks alot Rezard you've been a great help. Sorry Im still a newb to some of this stuff y'know. Anyway Thanks for the help, hopefully I become a little more versed in these things so i dont have to come back here too much for help but its good to know theres a few people who are really helpful.

Thanks Livy, I cant quite tell if your slightly mocking me in your first post or not but I can understand how I may seem lazy by just asking straight up, sorry about that

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