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Final Fantasy 10 crashes
I'm getting the al bhed crash where rikku is getting mad and I have read from multiple posts that the fix is to be using the 1888 beta version but I can't find this anywhere. Is there a newer version that works or can anyone point me in the direction of the 1888 download

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We don't support ancient builds like the 1888 beta. PCSX2 0.9.8 has none of these crashes and is the latest and best version of PCSX2 so use that.
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The menus are really laggy with this version and all the same plug-ins and configs is there a way to fix this?
what system do you have? because thats important to suggest you some plugins/settings...
e.g.: i didn´t needed any changes to play ffx smoothly...only some effects for better graphics were changed and i play with an fps limiter...^^
i have a overclocked 2600k cpu and 6970 gpu and yeah i had to cap the FPS at 60, the problem only started when i updated my emulator to fix the crashes
You're doing something wrong there is no way you would get any kind of lag, especially at menus, with that system. I suggest deleting your old PCSX2 installations and reinstalling 0.9.8 clean (but do remember to keep your bios and memcards)
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ill try it, its very weird it was 100% fine before its just very choppy when moving around the in battle menu
Also make sure you are only using the new plugins included in 0.9.8 and not any of the old ones. Also check to see that "Allow 8 bit textures" in GSdx is disabled and turn off all speed hacks (you don't need any with this game and your PC)
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i think you better us your "Windows Task Manager" see how many # of processes you have.
if there is a phonemental activity e.g. torrent,Auto-Virus-Scan,Auto-Schedule task better remove reduce unwanted CPU activity.
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allowing 8bit textures shouldn´t create any problem o.O (i always turned it on...)

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