Final Fantasy 10 savegame
hey i have a question.
I downloaded final fantasy 10 (us-version) and played it 100 hours since now. But i saw, that the dark aeons are just available at german version and not at us version. So i downloaded the german version and tried to load my savegame from the us-version, but thats not possible. I want to ask if its possible to play my savegame from the us version at the german version, because i dont wanna do everything again. In another thread i read that the version number have to be changed with hex, but i dont know how to change that all. Can somebody help me please?

I uploaded my savegame please help me

.rar   SLUS-20312 FF10 [01] 99_10 Lake-Rin's (16802C83).rar (Size: 13,28 KB / Downloads: 194)

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Quote:So i downloaded the german versio

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